Kiro Kids teaches post-graduate chiropractic clinical educationWelcome to Kiro Kids and NeuroImpulse Protocol. My name is Dr Neil Davies D.C. and I’m an Australian chiropractor, Director of Kiro Kids and the developer of NIP, assessment and correction protocol, also called a chiropractic technique by some. If you’ve not come across us before, this is a quick synopsis.

After some 20 years of lecturing at a well known Melbourne chiropractic college, I made a decision to teach what my years of study and private practice observations had taught me.

Kiro Kids was born and a private chiropractic educational company started about 2000 to lecture globally and instruct post-graduate chiropractors in the finer skills of motion palpation, neurology and clinical skills. Since my particular passion was paediatrics, many of these course related to assessment and care of infants and older children. In 2000, I authored Clinical Paediatrics A Clinical Handbook (revised in 2010) and developed the teaching program Adjusting the Child.

Dr Neil J. Davies D.C. demonstrating motion palpation with a childAs the years passed and we applied these techniques equally to adults with satisfying results, we adapted the teaching courses and renamed our evolving protocol of assessment and correction techniques to NeuroImpulse Protocol or NIP, as it is often called. The last six years has been a whirlwind of global seminars, working with chiropractors in many countries in their own clinics, assisting by way of Skype and administering the Certificate and Masters courses in Chiropractic Paediatrics we developed for the University of Wales.

This project was borne of the need to become more efficient, save time and reach a wider part of our profession. While we have kept an updated website at for some years now and released an ever growing range of clinical education products in the way of interactive CDs and DVDs, it was not until early this year that we finally developed our first membership site called NIP Academy and made the Bronze level free to all chiropractors to join.

NIP Academy is the Kiro Kids online learning resource for the subluxationWe have now published this blog at and many of the seminar and course updates will reside on this domain. The original website has just had its much needed overhaul and all its content is gradually reproduced here and within NIP Academy. The real goodies are found within NIP Academy at several protected membership levels which one has to subscribe to.

The value in these memberships is immense and far cheaper than a hotel weekend seminar. In fact, at our Platinum level, you’ll find streaming videos of our recently held Australian seminars without the travel and accommodation costs of those that attended!

I welcome you here and invite you to make a comment, send us any inquiries and to join NIP Academy at no initial cost. Any chiropractor with an interest in paediatrics, a neurological approach to patient care, Gonstead technique or simply evidence-based protocols will find the material intriguing.

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