Is it Possible to Achieve Rational, Reproducible Results Combining Motion Palpation, Neurological Examination and Common Postural Patterns?

Kiro Kids Welcomes You to A World of Total Full Body Integration Delivering Predictable, Reproducible Clinical Results for Patients Of All Ages

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Years of clinical research has led to the development of an amazingly accurate, reproducible system of assessment that afford the chiropractor an opportunity to impact even the most difficult of cases.

Dr Neil J. Davies D.C. of Kiro Kids and NIP Academy

My name is Dr Neil Davies and you could say this is where it all began! Way back in the early decade of 2000, Adjusting the Child was the title of the premier Kiro Kids teaching program.

Our assessment and correction protocol was honed and refined on children and adults hardly rated a mention! Using our precise and gentle corrections designed for children, we soon found that adults responded as effectively. NIP was borne and became the natural evolution of the popular Adjusting the Child program. With the continued increasing interest in chiropractic paediatrics and the desire of the average chiropractor to improve their motion palpation and adjusting skills, we still teach Adjusting the Child with a unique paediatric focus.


Our Mission and Passion

Adjusting the Child by Kiro Kids is the adapation of NIP the paediatric patientWe aim to empower every chiropractor to attract families in their community, provide the highest levels of proficiency of neuroarticular detection and correction and help those chiropractors to position themselves in their local community with the unique skills learned in this program.

After many years, it is true to say that the enjoyment of witnessing that empowerment take place, the growth of confidence in young chiropractors and sharing the remarkable results seen in those changing practices is the greatest reward of all!


Dr Neil Davies performs cervical spine motion palpation“Any chiropractor who is patient and diligent enough to study and practice the protocol can attain predictable, reproducible clinical results ….”
Dr Neil. J. Davies D.C., Kiro Kids


Ultimate Precision for the Discerning Clinician

Dr Neil J. Davies D.C. demonstrating motion palpation with a childAlong with its gentleness the uniqueness of the NIP system lies in its ability to direct the chiropractor to exactly the right location to adjust. It does this by the highly sophisticated integration of very precise chiropractic assessment techniques and detailed neurological examination.

The NIP technique is used exclusively throughout the Kiro Kids Family Chiropractic Clinics in Victoria Australia by all the chiropractors and the results has been nothing short of astonishing in terms of new patient numbers. Patients drive long distance to receive NIP technique because the results they are getting are quick and sustainable and they don’t get hurt by hard manipulative style techniques.


Intelligent Neurological Chiropractic at its Brilliant Best

Scapulohumeral Reflex of Shimizu performed on a babyThe current Adjusting the Child seminar is a 3 day detailed presentation integrating the spine, extremities and cranials using the unique Kiro Kids neurologically based model of both biomechanical and neurological identification and adjusting. In addition, Dr Davies and the team have identified sound, evidence-based protocols involved in choosing the right technique for each situation. The assessment protocol plus all the adjusting procedures for the spine and extremities used in the Kiro Kids clinics are demonstrated and explained with an outstanding slide presentation incorporated into the filmed and edited video series.


  • Reach a rational, reproducible result combining motion palpation, neurologically examination and recognition of common compensation patterns thereby learning to recognise patterns of neuropathology

  • Recognise compensation patterns and learn to achieve maximum, sustainable outcomes

  • Learn how gentle corrections can be for infants and children of all ages and impact the most difficult of cases

Adjusting the Child Is Available in Two Editions, DVD and Online

Adjusting the Child by Dr Neil Davies D.C. and Kiro KidsAdjusting the Child was originally filmed and created as a 3 DVD set and this has enjoyed enormous popularity with chiropractors globally, often in conjunction with Dr Davies’ seminars taught live in many countries.

Adjusting the Child was re-filmed in Melbourne over 3 days in June/ July 2012. It is now fully edited and the those videos are only accessible in the NIP Academy Platinum membership level. The Bronze level is free to join for all!

  • The original edition is still available for sale as a boxed 3 DVD set. This is a marvellous introduction to NIP and well recommended for the chiropractor interested in the NIP subluxation analysis and correction protocols.
  • The 1st Edition is still entirely relevant and was the first comprehensively packaged DVD Kiro Kids created. It forms the baseline in NIP learning and is ideal to have on your office shelf if you have an interest in adjusting children.
  • The 3rd DVD in the Adjusting the Child set is a series of cases filmed in the Ballarat Kiro Kids clinic over a day demonstrating the key elements of the protocol and live adjustments. Other than spending a day in Australia with Dr Davies, there is no better way to see the principles of NIP close up and explained in detail.

Identifying the Subluxation CD comes packaged with Adjusting the Child 1est Edition 3 DVD Pack from Kiro KidsGet the first interactive CD we ever produced and a terrific way to learn the simple premise of motion palpation, Gonstead listings and see how compensation patterns and neurological findings start to blend together to create a rational diagnosis.

It launched the interactive media Kiro Kids became known for and received considerable acclaim in helping many new to Gonstead and motion palpation to comprehend and find practical use in the method.


Your Two Easy Options to Obtain Adjusting the Child
(1) Purchase your physical copy of the 1st Edition as a 3 DVD set. Included is the interactive CDIdentifying the Neuroarticular Complex”

(2) Join NIP Academy for free as a Bronze member and upgrade within to Platinum to get the 2nd Edition in streaming video included with other seminars and features