Chiropractic Management of Pregnancy

Chiropractic helps women to get well, stay well, and be at their best — before, during, and after pregnancy

Chiropractic Management of Pregnancy by NIP AcademyChiropractic care through pregnancy is not only safe, it is essential. As chiropractors we’re all aware of the implications for care of the pregnant patient from a biomechanical, hormonal and neurological standpoint.

In all our practices, we’ve witnessed the  postural changes through pregnancy-the centre of gravity changes, the weight of the baby places increased pressure on the spine and pelvis, and towards the end of the pregnancy, changes are seen in gait pattern – the classic “waddle.”

We don’t visibly see the varied different hormonal changes and chemical reactions occurring both in the mother and the developing baby, all of which are controlled and coordinated through the nervous system …but we know the influence we play in assisting to optimise these.

” The body’s ability to grow and nurture a baby is nothing short of incredible, and pregnancy is an important time to make sure the pelvis and surrounding joints and nerves are functioning to their optimum potential “

Chiropractic adjustments result in an easier pregnancy, significantly decreased mean labour time, and assists new mothers back to prepartum health. The scientific literature supports this and we see the results in patients’ lives on a daily basis. If you have an interest in pediatrics and care for the health of little ones, it does not make sense to not involve yourself in caring for the pregnant woman from preconception, through pregnancy and afterwards.

NIP Academy  Video Seminars

Chiropractic Management of the Pregnant Woman is a chiropractic post-graduate video series at NIP AcademyKiro Kids two day seminar on Chiropractic Management of the Pregnant Woman is an in-depth, innovative training program, filmed live in Sydney in March 2012. It was developed by Kiro Kids in consultation with a practicing Australian Midwife with a special interest in natural, minimal intervention and assisting second time mothers who had a first time caesarean section to have a natural, vaginal birth. It is a cutting edge, long overdue teaching program incorporating aspects of pregnancy, peri-natal and post-natal periods.


Day 1  Before Conception & Pregnancy
  • Hygienic, preconceptive care
  • The clinical history in the pregnant patient
  • Assisting the pregnant patient to make delivery and labour room decisions
  • Examining the pregnant patient
  • Identification and management of common clinical conditions in pregnancy
Pregnancy, Labour, Delivery & Beyond
  • Identification and management of common biomechanical and neurological syndromes in advancing pregnancy
  • The peri-natal period
  • The post-natal period (first 12 weeks)
  • Identification and management of common biomechanical and neurological syndromes following pregnancy
  • Identification and management of common psychological problems
  • Identification and management of common mother/baby interaction problems
The Future of NIP Teaching
  • This seminar is now available in the Platinum level and modules will be added to the membership at regular intervals.
  • This is the first Kiro Kids product to be streamed online and forms the basis of future video streaming seminars within our membership structure
  • Videos are compatible with iPhone and iPad viewing
  • High bandwidth, high quality viewing at your leisure
  • Each video about half an hour enabling easy revision and replay

Chiropractic Management of the Pregnant Woman was filmed in Bondi , Sydney in March 2012 and has been produced in streaming video hosted within NIP Academy. Become a member of NIP Academy to find out more….