Clinical Education

Kiro Kids has produced a wide range of clinical educational materials over the years including interactive Powerpoint files for programmed learning and DVDs of varied seminars. The CDs are based on a simple learning technique where after a question is asked, the answer is revealed at the next click.

It all began in the early 2000s when we looked for easier ways to review seminar handbooks and reams of handwritten notes after the event. We knew that what helped us learn and reinforce sometimes difficult concepts would help others. A range of interactive learning tools was born.

The technique, called programmed learning, is how we used to learn maths, physics and even anatomy. By allowing you to reveal the answer, repeated reviews teach you the material until you eventually know the material before the answers are revealed.

Teach Yourself – Test Yourself

Teach yourself in your own time and rapidly find out which topics you’re rusty in. Then brush up! In a busy practice, the basics of clinical examination is essential and no one can afford to either omit important steps in your documented files nor be tardy in your procedures with the health of your patients at stake.

Not to digress, chiropractors in the last few years asked to present records before registration boards here and overseas are commonly brought to task for the lack of adequate exams and detail, and not necessarily for the issue that brought them before the board. Once under scrutiny, everything is on the table!

Preferred Pricing

preferred pricing from Kiro KidsEach year different themes have been taught around the world and a varied range or products produced to assist learning. We showcase the products here and suggest the best value in obtaining them is by buying several together to obtain the preferred pricing we offer. With the generous membership levels available within NIP Academy, it’s really worthwhile accessing everything we have in one easy monthly fee.

We’ll continue to sell our physical stock until we run out so we’ll offer a price list for all our products for purchase within this site. You’ll be able to easily see these packs from the menu. You can return to NIP Academy at any time to purchase these.

With quite a variety of products developed over several years, we prepared a simple to follow video to explain what they are. Simply, they are grouped into the physical media type, the topic and value packs where we combined a theme of products for ultimate value. This video will be posted here shortly.

You can download a CD catalogue of our products to view the descriptions. Some of these will be available at our Platinum membership level.

You can download a DVD catalogue of our products to view the descriptions. Some of these will be available at our Platinum membership level.

You can download the NIP Basic & Advanced Catalogue with the index of full contents. These are not available at our Platinum membership level.

Platinum Membership Level Multimedia Products

We knew we were going to have to list some information in a few places, like what multimedia products are you going to get the Platinum level? Fair call because we’re going to make all other multimedia products available for you to access in one huge pack never before made available in one price!

Simply, we’ll let you access some great products within the membership and everything else in one place, if you wish to take us up on it. Couldn’t be any simpler.

Presently, this is a list of the multimedia products you get inside the Platinum membership level. There is other content as well – see the Platinum membership content page.
Access Online to the Entire Kiro Kids Interactive CD library

  • Identifying Neuroarticular Dysfunction
  • The Head and Neck Examination
  • Paediatric Neurology for the Chiropractor
  • Assessment of Growth and Development
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Examination

Access to all Kiro Kids Paediatric DVD Presentations

  • Examining the Child (Maurice K Easton Consultant Paediatrician)
  • The Neurological Examination of the Child (Dr Neil Davies)
  • Chiropractic Management of Paediatric Neurological Syndromes (Dr Neil Davies)
  • Chiropractic Management of the Pregnant Woman (Dr Neil Davies)
  • Paediatric Orthopaedics (Dr Neil Davies)
  • Radiology – normal paediatric spine (Dr Lindsay Rowe)
  • Radiology – neoplasms of bone (Dr Lindsay Rowe)
  • Radiology – how to read a CT scan (Dr Lindsay Rowe)
  • Radiology – whiplash (Dr Lindsay Rowe)
  • Radiology – spondylolisthesis (Dr Lindsay Rowe)

Adjusting the Child – Identifying Neuroarticular Dysfunction
If you would like to buy the original and still available physical package, buy it here for AU$240

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