Learning NIP

The most common question asked of me is “How do I learn NIP? How do I get started?” If a seminar is in your area in the near future, it’s a no brainer to attend and get first hand teaching but this is not always practical or timewise. We developed our online learning tools for this very reason and these largely replace the travelling and teaching times trying to get to so many countries and colleagues.

Like everything, we suggest starting at the beginning and following the same learning curve as when we first developed and researched the body of knowledge that NIP has evolved to.

Adjusting the Child by Dr Neil Davies D.C. and Kiro KidsAdjusting the ChildĀ is where our teaching protocol began and still a best place to start. We cover the essentials of motion palpation, compensation patterns and neurological examination. This has started many chiropractors on their way to learning NIP.

Adjusting the Child evolved in the last decade to the present NIP as it grew to encompass adult care and the front of the body syndromes. The Basic and Advanced NIP seminars were filmed and a pack of DVDs created with many hours of live footage teaching the next steps in NIP.

These two important DVD sets are the foundation of NIP and we highly recommend that they remain integral in learning the essentials.

With many seminars filmed, edited and packaged as DVDs, we ultimately realised that a central, online learning centre was required to host all our products and offer a continuing upgrading and refreshed hub of resource materials. As the live teaching schedule prohibits visiting all countries regularly, NIP Academy was born.

This newest offering from Kiro Kids includes the latest Adjusting the Child seminar filmed in July 2012 in Melbourne, Australia and many podcasts. It does not include the aforementioned DVD packs as they are simply too large.


Kiro Kids presents multimedia clinical education for chiropractors at NIP AcademyNIP Academy is the perfect membership for any thinking clinician who wishes to advantage themselves with a plethora of chiropractic paediatric and NIP learning materials for the relative price of one seminar a year.

We designed it to include most of our teaching materials and it continues to be refreshed with more monthly content.

Once you join, a small monthly fee keeps you updated with an ever increasing library of streaming video seminars, podcasts, live clinical support and research.

There is no better way forward for the diligent NIP student than to become a member of the NIP Academy Platinum membership. It builds from the knowledge base one should have from the two original but still current DVD packs described above.