The NeuroImpulse Protocol Basic Seminar

NIP Basic DVD by Kiro KidsThe entire three day Basic seminar of the NeuroImpulse Protocol was filmed, edited and produced in Nov 2007 as a teaching DVD, perfect for long distance learning. An introductory menu allows you to easily select chapters.

The entire Powerpoint teaching slide file is inserted during the teaching so it is no different to being at the seminar – except no mints are provided!

We are extremely proud of the audio and visual quality of this teaching product and believe it is an essential part of your learning library to be able to review this material over and over. You will have access to one of the most innovative, chiropractic teaching methods and multimedia tools available.

The Basic seminar is the compilation of the earlier Adjusting the Child knowledge base with additional neurological examination techniques and methodology. From cranial and upper cervical to lumbosacral and peripheral examinations, a global neural perspective is utilised to demonstrate use of motion palpation, neurology, postural and compensation patterns, pain findings and muscle testing…and much more…to improve your ability in honing in and neural correction of the patient.

Learn the basic principles, philosophy and step-by-step approach
For chiropractors intending to attend the Advanced Neuro Impulse Protocol seminar, the Basic seminar DVD is the ultimate way to understand and learn the basic principles, philosophy and step-by-step approach as taught by Dr. Davies at a live seminar. Even other attending practitioners’ questions are included!

The only thing better than attending the seminar is the ability to replay selected chapters over and over for reinforcement of content. You will find the philosophy and rationale behind NeuroImpulse Protocol absorbing and exciting!

Chiropractors the world over are claiming improved correction using this technique. The ability to demonstrate he diagnosis to the patient using neurological findings, put the body into a position of correction without implementing the adjustment and then demonstrate a change of findings heralds a new age of chiropractic care.

The benefits of adjustment are demonstrable prior to the adjustment taking place and tests showing neurological change afterwards teach the patient how an effect on the nervous system has taken place. Total content = 6 hrs 21 mins.

The NeuroImpulse Protocol Advanced Seminar

NIP Advanced DVD by Kiro KidsThe Advanced seminar of the NeuroImpulse Protocol was first taught by Dr Neil Davies in Manchester, U.K in 2007. At the first Australian presentation, it was filmed, edited and produced as a learning tool for those attending the seminar and as a teaching tool for those who may attend at a later date. The quality as usual is exceptional with second-to-none audio and the entire Powerpoint teaching file used in editing.

Most of the material covered in the Advanced seminar has never been taught in the original Kiro Kids Adjusting the Child seminars and DVDs and is orientated towards the adult patient. It includes front of body syndromes and complex neurological patterns. Dr Davies takes the basic building blocks from the Basic program and teaches a logical, intuitive process to detect and confirm common and uncommon conditions in the spine, cranium, extremities and front of body areas.

In addition the extremities as identified through the NIP system will be covered in great detail along with advanced cranial work and common muscle compartment syndromes. The great benefit of this teaching is that the NIP system tells you when to do a muscle compartment syndrome, a cranial or an extremity and takes away the guesswork from it. Confirmation of the neural dysfunction, prior to adjustment, is a concept that many chiropractors have not been exposed to.

This volume of four DVDs has a comprehensive menu system that allows you to easily locate the selected chapter for ease of review. Examination and Corrective Techniques are separately viewable and are all easily located for all body regions. You will find the material original and easy to follow. Total content = 8 hours.

NeuroImpulse Protocol DVD Value

Its easy to order and learn NIP with the Basic and Advanced NIP DVD PackThe NIP Basic and Advanced DVDs represent over 14 hours of live teaching.
The two DVD sets comprise terrific value. They normally sell separately for $350 each. As an NIP Academy member, we always provide you with VIP prices.We have limited sets of physical DVD stock and will later produce all products as streaming video. You can still secure the DVDs now.

“If you will follow my suggested plan for mastering NIP, you will soon be solving clinical problems in your more difficult patients and you will begin attracting and helping patients who have just not been helped elsewhere.

Diligent application of the NIP in your practice will quickly see your new patient flow increase to levels you previously only dreamed of. Your patients will love the precision and gentleness of NIP.” – Dr Neil J Davies D.C.

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