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mastery of the subluxationNIP Academy was launched by Kiro Kids in Australia in mid 2012. It has been refined and honed to become the premier teaching aid for NIP students at all levels. This is undoubtedly the best way to supplement live seminars.

The Platinum level undoubtedly offers tremendous value with monthly podcasts added, many hours of streaming video seminars, interactive media for learning clinical exams and unlimited clinical support by email and Skype. Kiro Kids has pulled out all stops to supply more content, more value and at a budget price.

NIP Academy Platinum is the flagship learning centre for Kiro Kids! Never before have we offered such a premier product with so much content reflecting so many years work and research. You can learn by our side from the other side of the globe with our interactive media, podcasts and case histories. We are now only separated by email, a webcam, your iphone or ipad!

Kiro Kids offers Skype clinical support in NIP AcademyFor years Dr Davies offered clinical support, free and during his family time, until it became an impossibility. Digital technology has allowed Kiro Kids to offer Skype support ranging from simple case questions to examining the patient together over Skype from anywhere in the world. Clients are able to present difficult cases by email and Skype and fast track the assessment and correction required. Patients really appreciate the doctor taking the time and getting the extra help.

video_camera_and_clap_board_pcSeminars have been added to NIP Academy in streaming video and hosted by Amazon S3 with large bandwidth. Several full weekend seminars reside inside the membership allowing you to update with hours of expertise and skills. Fully edited, you can watch the entire content of many seminars for way less than attending even one!


global recordingA range of monthly podcasts regarding every aspect of neuroarticular dysfunction have been recorded in superb audio quality. Dr Davies discusses the common and atypical features, distortion patterns and neurology. This archive grows and you can review all materials at any time. Never be lost to reach out for the specific reference you need at any time.

How to Join NIP Academy

Dr Neil J. Davies D.C. of Kiro Kids and NIP AcademyNow you’ve heard about the NIP Academy features and benefits, join the Bronze level for free and look around using the form below. Better still, use the PayPal button below to join NIP Academy Platinum for US$500 one-time fee and US$25/month membership. Jump straight in and get started at our recommended level and highest return on investment for content and value.

I agree to a one-time payment of US$500 and US$25/month. Content will be continued to be added for the duration of your membership. If you wish to unsubscribe, please log in to your PayPal account and cancel recurring payments to Kiro Kids. To use the unlimited Clinical Support in the Platinum level, go to the top menu under Support|Kiro Kids Clinical Support, then select Ordering & Access – Platinum Level from the left hand menu.

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