NIP Symposium Sardinia 2013 Report

Dr Neil Davies D.C. at Sardinia NIP Symposium

By all reports, all that attended the NIP Symposium in Sardinia in October 2013 enjoyed the conference and learning opportunities for chiropractors passionate about improving their mastery of subluxation assessment and correction.

Kiro Kids will release the seminar schedule for 2014 over the next few months and opportunities for chiropractors to learn and advance their studies in NIP will be available. We encourage anyone interested in NIP to learn more about NIP Academy and remind you that you don’t have to attend a seminar to get started.

Several delegates were kind to share their experiences for the NIP Symposium Sardinia 2013 report…

This was my first symposium and it was fabulous. It is hard to think of anything negative to say. Lisa’s organisation was fantastic, the socials, the work, everything ran like clockwork, or if it didn’t I never noticed. Neil’s teaching and the other teaching team members were amazing. I love the new stuff. – Debbie Saxton – UK


Thank you to everyone involved in organising the Sardinia symposium – it was excellent and in my previous life as an organiser of events I know that there must have been loads of hard work from you and your colleagues behind the scenes.  Lisa was fantastic but could only have done that with a good team behind her so thank you to you all J

It was a privilege to spend time with such a great group of people and I felt proud to be included as one of the NIP family, I came away inspired and proud to be part of it even though I feel like I’m standing on the first rung of the chiropractic ladder and it’s a long way up! – Sara Glithro – UK


Both Emma and I were very impressed with the course content. The structure of the seminar was good with 1/2 days between full days to prevent mental overload.

The food was great. The location was great. The teachers were easy to understand. But most importantly, the feeling of being part of something big for the future of chiropractic was inspiring.

Congratulations to Neil and Robyn for NIP.  Matt Comerford – AUS


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