NIP Tutorials

Kiro Kids presents multimedia clinical education for chiropractors at NIP AcademyNIP evolved over many years to its present form and so did our teaching tools. In the last year, we created a series of audio podcasts called NIP Tutorials encompassing the myriad of segmental levels in the spine and pelvis, atypical listings and the variants and characteristics of each area of dysfunction.

Naturally, the depth and level of material of each podcasts varies and some are better suited to beginner levels and others for more advanced NIP practitioners. The answer i delivery was to package these into the newly launched NIP Academy membership with  an archive of audio files spanning the range of membership levels.

Starting at the Silver level, Dr Neil Davies discusses neuroarticular dysfunction complexes, how to assess them, their characteristics on examination and the necessary correction protocols.

We supply five to start with when you join this level and then one a month will be added to your membership. Just to answer a common query, all files remain in your membership area each time another is added. You’ll be able to come back at any time and listen to them over and again.

To start with, you’ll access three Upper Cervical files plus the BP Sacrum and Torsional Sacral files.

Dr Davies will continue to record and add to the audio library. The diligent NIP student will have all the teaching tools from Kiro Kids to pursue their NIP studies and select the appropriate tutorial at any time as long as they remain a member.

Join the Bronze level for free above at NIP Academy Launch. If you elect to upgrade, you get files from your chosen level and all levels beneath.

Silver level:         NIP Tutorials – The Spinal Basics
Gold level:           NIP Tutorials – Beyond the Spine
Platinum level:  NIP Tutorials – Beyond the Protocol