Paediatric Neurology

The Neurological Examination of the Child by Kiro KidsThis video series is the first video of a set of 4 packaged together by Kiro Kids from a weekend seminar on neurological assessment and management of the child. These four DVDs were filmed over one weekend seminar and together form an essential part of the library for any chiropractor serious about caring for children.

All attending chiropractors at this seminar claimed that had not seen this information before and would not find it in any chiropractic text. It is indeed the culmination of personal experience from many years of private practice and a paediatric practice at that.

The Neurological Examination of the Child by Kiro KidsWe are offering the four DVDs together at a special package price since we feel it is so essential you have access to all of this material. As an NIP Academy Platinum member, you get the first DVD of the four included here in your membership.

This dynamic presentation covers and reinforces the neurological history, the importance of keen observation and a range of common sense and easily performed techniques that will allow the chiropractor to make an in-depth assessment of the nervous system in children of all ages.

You should use the interactive Powerpoint file, Paediatric Neurology for the Chiropractor, described next, to help reinforce this video series.

Paediatric Neurology for the Chiropractor

Not to be confused with the Paediatric Neurology DVD Pack filmed over an entire weekend in Melbourne, Australia, there are two presentations in this CD.

Paediatric -Neurology-CD by Kiro KidsThe first is the Kiro Kids teaching presentation in a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation on this CD will teach you how accurately perform a neurological examination on children of all ages including a range of common neurological problems encountered in clinical practice by chiropractors seeing children and offers carefully researched, evidence based management protocols for each one.

The second presentation, also in PowerPoint format, is an interactive learning experience which takes you step by step through a detailed neurological examination using many images and video clips. This 340 slide CD is the largest interactive presentation produced by Kiro Kids and includes:

  • Review of Basic Neurology
  • History
  • Observation
  • Growth and Development
  • Mental Status
  • Cranial nerves
  • Motor system
  • Sensory system
  • Gait and coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Infantile Automatisms
  • Meningeal Irritation

We offer all products separately and this package is available below. You should note that is forms a part of the NIP Academy Platinum membership and represents terrific value when joined with the seminars and other interactive presentations within NIP Academy.