Want to Learn NIP Without Spending Countless Weekends In Hotel Seminars?

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Who really wants to spend their weekends in a hotel room? 

Dr Neil J. Davies D.C. of Kiro Kids and NIP AcademyThe challenge for any chiropractor in this day and age is to keep up to date, learn new chiropractic techniques, give full value to their patients’ lives and health and maintain integrity with your philosophy, profession and client base.

While many of us start out as seminar junkies in our early career, we are all time poor and the number of available seminars starts to build between new techniques, practice management and other interests – and that’s all just WITHIN your chosen profession. Don’t start me on sports, kids’ and family weekend commitments, playing the taxi driver and trying to grab a small slice of quiet on your own weekend!

It’s no secret that online education is becoming more popular simply as a time saving device, allowing you choices of when to access your content and, especially, being able to replay and revise key areas of study. Ever found it a  little difficult in a seminar to ask the speaker to go back over that topic again?? Think you’re the only one who didn’t get it? That’s OK – we’ve got you covered! Kiro Kids is always checking out better ways to deliver educational content…and we follow through.

NIP Academy – Kiro Kids Delivers Dripped Content

NIP Academy ExampleSo, what is NIP Academy? Let me explain EXACTLY what’s in it, who is it for and what can I expect it to do for you! I’ll explain how it is delivered, how you access it, how many modules it contains and is it dripped out or do you get it all instantly?

One of the traditional problems in teaching technique that requires a series of seminars and modules is starting everyone at the same time and trying to get all students together for each subsequent seminar.

What if you’re a global teaching company? What happens when you miss a seminar? Well, some companies will say “Stiff cheddar!” and leave it to you to catch up next year!

In our case, we might not visit your country for quite some time and we do want to give you access to everything we offer, even if you’re in the deep dark Congo or the Shetland Islands!

We spent months researching the best way to deliver digital content for beginners in NIP to advanced students and we came up with a pearler! Imagine a membership site that starts any day of the year you join and delivers the content at set intervals, regardless of when you join and how long you spend with us.

We keep adding content, you keep learning and practice just gets better. We call it dripped content and it allows us any number of students in any number of places all starting at different times.


Streaming Video, High Bandwith, Quality Delivery


NIP Academy is like a hamburger with the lotWe created a multimedia online learning centre called NIP Academy – it’s really “one with the lot” like my local fish and chip shop makes their hamburgers! We filled it jam packed with quality audio podcasts straight from my trusty Samsung tablet, Kiro Kids seminars, interactive learning media, research abstracts, visiting paediatric consultants and updates to NIP on a regular basis allowing you to stay in touch, attend the latest seminars and improve your NIP techniques. Let’s check what’s offered.

1. Grand Rounds Clinical Cases

Grand Rounds Clinical Cases with Kiro KidsI am pleased to introduce a new series of grand rounds on chiropractic clinical cases seen in the Kiro Kids clinics in Western Victoria, Australia.

These cases are intended to be instructive in widening your perspective of subluxation assessment and diagnosis of medical disorders seen in everyday chiropractic practice. These audio files have proved popular and are a great way of providing up to date synopses of commonly seen and missed conditions often experienced by chiropractors in primary practice.


  • Build your own growing archive of podcasts
  • Includes varying clinical topics in the paediatric field
  • You get four cases when you join and one new case is added monthly

Moving on to the art of Motion Palpation, not everyone is up to speed on Gonstead vertebral listings and how we apply them to NIP, so let’s not hold back on you. Having taken extra time in seminars for doctors not experienced with the Gonstead system, we know what that’s like so we built your own “fast track motion palpation e-course” for this very purpose. Introducing…

2. Motion Palpation E-Course

Dr Neil Davies performs cervical spine motion palpationMany years ago when we started teaching Adjusting the Child, this content formed the basis of the course. Later it evolved to a much larger course and became Neuroimpulse Protocol.

We have become accustomed to the commonly asked questions and difficulties some doctors have with the three dimensional concept of vertebral listings. We are pleased to now offer a lot of our original course content as a free motion palpation course which we now make available to you.

It is an essential step and the perfect introduction to learning NIP when you master …


  • How to perform motion palpation efficiently!
  • Learn neurological tests to confirm your motion findings
  • How muscle testing helps support your motion findings!
  • Discover the keys to detecting primary areas of neuroarticular dysfunction and not compensation patterns!
  • Find out how pain findings should be correctly utilised!
  • Learn how postural patterns lead you to your diagnosis

After years of teaching motion palpation, we learned that interactive media really helps reinforce and teach key concepts in a way that traditional classroom teaching fails to do. We forged ahead and built our own interactive media files that you get the benefit of…

3. Interactive Learning Media

Interactive learning media from Kiro KidsFormerly only for sale as CDs, our popular interactive teaching tools cover regional examination of the important areas integral to competent paediatric physical assessment. We put them in all in one easy to access membership site. You get to revise regional examination point by point with questions and answers sequentially revealed.

  • Using programmed text learning, we ask a question then give you the answer
  • Identification of the Subluxation encompasses cervical and lumbosacral spine, upper and lower extremities
  • Includes Paediatric Neurological Exam and Paediatric Chest Exam
  • Includes Head & Neck Exam and Assessment of Growth & Development
  • Includes management of Common Paediatric Problems and Cranial Adjusting in Children

Any chiropractor with an interest in caring for children needs this material under their belt or they’re in danger of “fluffing around the edges” and missing important pathology, under estimating the salient signs of acute illness and not rendering the standard of primary care that is expected of any practitioner promoting primary wellness care for families.

4. NIP Podcasts

Kiro Kids presents multimedia clinical education for chiropractors at NIP AcademyThe popularity of Grand Rounds Clinical Cases taught us the value of using audio podcasts. They’re simple to download, easy to load to your iPod, smartphone, tablet or PC. Burn to a CD or play in the car – your choice. We free you from your desk and share a wealth of content spanning all levels of the spine and NIP.


  • MP3 voice files in which detailed discussion is given in relation to spinal subluxation diagnosis
  • These are step by step tutorials covering all aspects of NIP
  • Silver level includes NIP The Spinal Basics
  • Gold level includes NIP Beyond the Spine
  • Platinum includes NIP Beyond the Protocol
  • Each higher level includes all the content from lower levels
5. Kiro Kids Video Library

Kiro Kids Video LibraryFilming our seminars in the last few years enabled us to produce DVDs that have introduced hundreds to NIP. Now we’ve converted all of them to streaming video and made them available on a high bandwidth server to you in our membership library.

Only Platinum members gain access and this is where the real value in this product lies. Each individual seminar cost delegates far more in hotel accommodation, seminar fees, travel and extras that this entire membership fee ever will!

And you continue to gain access to all future filmed seminars, usually one to two a year, as well. Imagine building a library you can revisit any time, again and again, to really hone and refine your body of knowledge. Believe me, repetition is the key and the only way any serious clinician ever learned their meat and potatoes!

  • Adjusting the Child (refilmed in 2012)
  • Chiropractic Management of the Pregnant Woman
  • Paediatric Radiology with Consulting Radiologist, Dr Lindsay Rowe
  • Examining the Child with Consultant Paediatrician, Mr Maurice Easton
  • Neurological Examination of the Child
  • Paediatric Orthopaedics

6. Email & Skype Clinical Support

Kiro Kids offers Skype clinical support in NIP AcademyOffering clinical assistance to practitioners around the globe has been a hallmark of Kiro Kids service and for years it was an extra throw in as a measure of our passion to help and provide some reinforcement of the seminar and multimedia products.

The myriad of paediatric syndromes, varied neurological signs, chiropractors learning NIP at all levels and doctors who wish to do the best by their patients – well it can be a full time job just supporting them – in addition to our own full time practices!

In recent years, as Skype came of age, we started using Skype to support cases as well as email and found it helpful. We even examined cases together with doctors on the other side of the globe in real time – that’s real support! There was no doubt that NIP students were clamouring for a helping hand with individual cases but we couldn’t keep up with the ad hoc free support forever.

NIP Academy offers a choice of clinical support including email, Skype conversation and Skype live case support. Each membership level offers an increasing choice and level of support with the Platinum level offering the all inclusive unlimited email and both Skype supports. There is no better supported tutorial support anywhere! All you do is log an appointment request and we it coordinate our respective time zones to handle it.

4  Membership Levels – Your Choice
  • Bronze – Free Membership – limited content but always free – join right below!
  • Silver – dip your toe in the water – for the cautious budget student
  • Gold – you are the brave one – expanded content and economical
  • Platinum – packed with all the value we can offer and the best multimedia content we ever produced!

In all seriousness, the cost of attending one live seminar, including travel, accommodation and food – not to mention missing any clinic sessions – is a heap more than it costs you to join our Platinum program. And that’s for one seminar!

We’re going to give you at least six seminars right off the bat and full clinical support when you become a Platinum member. We spent countless hours of planning and programming to deliver this content and ensure we give you terrific value wherever you happen to be. In 2017, NIP Academy is the biggest and baddest program we have ever delivered!

How Do You Get Involved?
  • Simply, you submit your details below and join NIP Academy as a free Bronze member. Once you are logged in the site is self-explanatory and details the options. Remain a free member or unlock the treasure chest of content we created and upgrade.
  • We provided three paid levels for you – I fully expect any student serious about the pursuit of NIP and the care of children would jump straight into the Platinum level for the sheer volume, content and clinical support offered!
  • Simply consider that for a one-off payment and a small monthly access fee, your library will grow and grow with more content added for as long you stay a member. We look forward to seeing you inside!
  • Check the price levels indicated below and explore the site for more details about each feature.


NIP Academy Membership costs from Kiro Kids and Dr Neil J. Davies D.C.

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